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High visibility apparel doesn’t always come in all shapes in sizes, but workers do. That’s why we have plenty of big and tall safety vest and hi vis clothing options at eSafetyStore.

Big and Tall Hi Vis Gear

Long sleeve reflective t shirts should be made to fit everyone, not just the average-sized worker.

Let’s face it, a few years ago sizing for hi vis clothing sucked (pardon my French). A slew of imports meant that you were rolling the dice when ordering what you thought was your ideal sized safety vest or reflective t shirt. The market has improved, and sizing has gotten better (thankfully, because there’s really nothing quite like a beer gut snugly held in place by a fluorescent yellow t shirt that’s two sizes too small). But one group had to wait a little longer before seeing their sizing needs met…the big and tall workers of America.

A few years ago we started receiving calls from outdoor workers asking for tall sizes in everything from hi vis rain jackets and reflective pants to reflective t shirts and hi vis sweatshirts. It wasn’t always easy to track down the hi vis safety apparel for our larger friends on the road construction crew. Berne apparel managed to recognize the big and tall worker before a lot of other safety clothing manufacturers, and thankfully they’ve been a part of eSafetyStore and Cold Weather Workwear for a long time.

Lately, it seems like it’s been a little easier finding bigger sizes in hi vis gear, and it should be. Workers slaving away on highway construction projects have a lot to worry about–traffic barreling past them at 50 miles per hour, texting teenagers, heavy equipment rumbling by, etc. Big and tall workers shouldn’t also have to worry about a pair of Class E hi vis pants riding up on them or a tiny “one size fits all” traffic safety vest fitting like a bright yellow sausage casing.

It’s clear that worker comfort wasn’t too much of a concern a few years ago. Thankfully, now some manufacturers seem to be adding comfort into the hi vis apparel equation.